For most investors, both individual and institutional, the global economic and financial market crisis of 2008-2009 had no precedent — and its disquieting impact lingers to this day. Many remain leery of re-engaging with the investment markets and uncertain about how best to put precious assets to work. More than ever, investors need calming leadership and expert support to understand market realities and tap asset tools best aligned with an investment landscape utterly transformed.


BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has resolved to be the “steady voice” on the markets that investors need, providing direct access to its industry leading investment and market insight, and pointing investors toward practical approaches for putting its guidance to work. The firm has recognized that for its support to have optimal reach and benefit, it needs to deploy an ongoing, highly aggressive, multi-pronged communications effort focused on delivery of information and answers for today’s challenging markets.

What We Did

Tiller has partnered with BlackRock on a comprehensive, long-term media relations relationship, incorporating wide-ranging print and broadcast interview initiatives, media briefings, bylined articles and numerous other activities establishing the firm’s commitment to investors. Most importantly, our outreach has introduced investors to workable asset solutions across the firm’s full product range, from active and passive mutual funds, to retirement products, to ETFs. Original market research also has played a large role, with Tiller helping to develop and promote BlackRock polls illuminating a broad range of timely investor concerns as well as products meeting those needs.


To date, the program has yielded hundreds of high profile placements in every leading business/financial media outlet and across all major broadcast media, showcasing the firm’s guidance, resources and value to investors. In Bloomberg Markets magazine, a competing investment manager summarized the media impact: “BlackRock has established itself as the go-to firm when you have problems.”