Rob Densen, Founder & CEO

Rob founded Tiller in 2003 after spending more than ten years at OppenheimerFunds where he was responsible for media relations, advertising/brand management, employee and executive communications and charitable giving.

In addition, Rob led OppenheimerFunds’ advocacy marketing efforts, initiating the company’s landmark Women & Investing program.

A recognized leader in the communications industry, Rob brings three decades of strategic marketing and communications experience to every client relationship. Among his areas of particular expertise are market research and public opinion polling, communications strategy counsel and development, partnership and program design and implementation, and media strategy and outreach. Rob frequently writes and speaks about topics related to advocacy marketing and corporate social engagement.

What keeps you busy besides Tiller?
I know it may sound corny and Waltons-esque, but I’m big on hanging with my family. It’s not like we are quilting or anything like that. We watch Sports Center, shoot hoops, play Scrabble, make fun of each other, plan dinner. As might be expected of an advocate, I also have a number of non-profit involvements. I think the one I’m proudest of is Leaders of the Lung Cancer Free World, a lung cancer awareness and advocacy campaign started with my daughter and colleague Arielle.

What is it about Tiller that makes you proud to do what you do?
I have great pride in every program we’ve ever done. But the thing that gets me up every day (besides my Jack Russell Terrier) — and inspires me to do ever better — is the work environment at Tiller. I’ve never worked with a smarter, more dedicated, more talented and less neurotic team anywhere or at any time.

What is your favorite book or quote?
“Leap, and the net will appear.” – John Burroughs

Prior to Tiller, have you ever had a job or life experience that had a profound impact on you? How?
Out of college I was a reporter at a daily newspaper. It was an experience that has served me well my entire business career. It gave me invaluable writing experience, sharpened both my sense of inquiry and ability to dig out and analyze information, heightened my commitment to social responsibility, and taught me the value of listening.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Still doing great work at Tiller, but probably spending more time looking for lost everyday household items.